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    Keyboard control lost when pdf file is displayed--navigation goes dead


      I have an Air 1.5 application that displays local files in an <mx:HTML> control. The keyboard PageDpwn and PageUp keys move up and down in a directory seting the html.location to the new file name. This works fine with html, swf, and txt files but when a pdf file is loaded, the pdf grabs the keyboard events and prevents my AIR controller from getting the KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN events. So you're stuck in that one file.


      If I make the window bigger than then html control and click outside the pdf file, I get keyboard focus back. But this isn't a practical solution; having to click defeats part of the purpose of the application.


      Someone else asked about this about a year ago but didn't get a solution:

      Can anyone suggest a workaround? Or a genuine solution?


      Possibly I could wrap the pdf file in on-the-fly html with javascript to block keyboard events from reaching the pdf file. This seems pretty contorted and might not even work.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions or solutions.