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    Ups and downs of Main Concept HD 4 package

    KaiserBoy Level 1

      Tried the MConcept HD package recently.  It has a good side and a puzzling one.


      First, it handles 720p files (from my Canon SD780) in a timeline without red or yellow, and looks great.  That was encouraging, as I shoot lots of little fun stuff on the fly with that camera.  The Adobe-provided 720p (30 fps, square) gives a yellow timeline and a slightly choppy playback pre-render.


      BUT, the 1080p in the package is anamorphic 1920 x 1080 for some reason, and it has only high-bitrate preview output options. So, the timeline comes up clear of red or yellow, but the program monitor won't even start to play the content.  I assume it is expecting one to be using an external monitor.


      Also, when I choose the Adobe 1080p 1920 x1080 square, 30 fps, it gives an error upon rendering, and won't start.  If I start the AME in the background, it will then render things fine.  Crazy behavior.  I think it has to do with the imports using the MC or other third-party codecs BEFORE using the native ones, and something gets mixed-up.  OR, it could be, as my 94 year-old acquaintance who spent 40 years at Bell Labs says "It is the computer, and its ties with the devil."


      Who knows.  MC advertises that this codec package targets Canon 5D files, but why would it offer only an anamorphic 1920 x 1080?  Hopefully this is all due to my not yet understanding this stuff.  If not, it's kind of depressing.