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    Newbie question - one of my components refuses to resize.  Why?




      first time question writer.


      I'm using Flex Builder 3.0.  I've created an application that has several components within it.  Some of these components have components inside of them.  Fine.  When I resize the window, all but ONE of the components does not resize.  I'm trying to figure out why this one component is not resizing.  It's "type" is a custom type (i have a few custom types and all the others are resizing so...).


      In my "root" mxml file I have something like this:


          <mx:VBox id="mainCanvas" height="100%" width="95%">

              <!-- start tabbed area -->
              <mx:TabNavigator id="mainTabs" width="100%" height="100%">
                  <pane:ManagePane label="Manage" />
                  <pane:FoldersPane label="Folders" />


      In my ManagePane.mxml file I have the following:


              <mx:HDividedBox id="hBox" width="100%" height="100%">
                  <myObject:MyObjectList id="myObjectList" width="25%" height="100%" />
                  <mx:VDividedBox width="75%" height="100%">
                      <myObject:MyObjectDetail id="objectDetails" height="60%" width="100%"/>
                      <myOtherObject:MyOtherObjectList width="100%" />



      Finally, in my MyObjectList.mxml file I have the following:


          <mx:Panel id="content" width="100%" height="100%" />


      In the init code inside this file I add a DataGrid like so:


           var compDG:DataGrid = new DataGrid ();



      This DataGrid object refuses to resize when I resize the window...  Any thoughts on why this might be?  I'm guessing I have to set something explicitly when I add the DataGrid to the "parent"?


      Any light you can shed would be appreciated.