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    Using the ClickTAG Method To Track a Banner????


      So i've just made my first banner and then the company who's is going to host the banner told me i needed to use the ClickTAG Method.....so he gave me a link and said follow this but i had a few questions


      Here's the link



      So what i did is made a new layer called it Click Tag and put a button on it and made the button invisible, then i added this Action script to it


      on (release) {
      if (clickTAG.substr(0, 5) == "http://www.ozarksfederal.com/") {


      Ozarks Federal is the company advertising on the banner i made...and that's there website


      I think this is right but i don't know how to test if it is right?


      Anyone have any ideas???? Thanks in advance to all who Contribute or Learn from this!!!!