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    Disappearing Subform

    Kurt Renfro Level 1

      I've created an interactive dynamic form that shows or hides subforms based on

      a selection from a drop-down menu.

      The drop-down menu has 10 "List Items" and each List Item has a corresponding subform.

      Each subforms presence set to "Hidden (Exclude from Layout)."
      The subforms are made "visible" or "hidden" using the following JavaScript:


      if ("RMC-Guernsey-PLD DOT" == xfa.event.newText)


          GU_ML.presence = "visible";
          GU_ML.presence = "hidden";
          GU_ML.rawValue = "";


      This script is repeated 10 times, once for each list item and subform.
      The form fields are locked via a digital signature and the form is submitted as a PDF using an e-mail submit button.


      At this point everything looks fine.


      The problem is when the form is re-opened. The subform made visible from the drop-down menu is no longer

      visible, but is hidden and excluded from the layout.


      How do I keep the subform visible?