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    Started with the wrong Sequence Settings.. help?


      I've spent about a week editing together footage and went to render it to Blu Ray only to discover I have used the wrong sequence settings in many places.  I'm wondering what the best approach to fix this could be?


      My Sequence settings all say 1280x1080 (1.5), 29.97fps (from the DVCPROHD preset)


      I have a variety of footage in various nested sequences like:

      960x720 (1.3333), 59.95 fps

      1920x1080(1.0), 23.976 fps

      1280x1090(1.5), 29.97 fps

      1920x1080(1.0(23.976 ftps


      My goal is to get this looking as nice as possible on blu ray.  I was going to go with 1080p30 since it accommodates most of the clips best.  However since my sequences were accidentally setup in 1280x1080 my render appears letterboxed even on the segments that were shot in 1920x1080.  My hope was to copy all the settings in one sequence to a new sequence with the correct settings.  Unfortunately if I copy paste, I loose my track keys, effects, etc.


      I'm open to any advice?