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    Motion Graphics quality loss when encoding to DVD


      I have completed a logo reveal and movie titles for our short film that we will be authored to DVD. I used AE CS4 and created the compositions as 1050x756 PAL square pixels.

      The uncompressed AVI renders look amazing. However, when i encode using MPEG2-DVD straight from AE there is a big hit on quality. I understand that encoding is about compressing and that we need to expect a certain amount of quality loss. But the text is especially bad.

      I read somewhere that saturated reds are not particularly well handled by the MPEG-2 encoders. So we changed the color to a more subdued burned orange. We also remove the titles horizontal scroll on the screen that was causing excessive flickering. But there is still a high rate of quality loss on the text.

      Is there any special workflow that i should be using, tips or tricks that you know of? I see some awesome intro titles on DVD and the text does not behave in this way.


      Any pointers and suggestion you can give, would be greatly appreciated