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    Chase cam? Help with editing layers..


      I am trying to make a football highlight film with a red arrow following the denoted player. This arrow is giving me a hell of a lot of problems and I'll explain why...


      I have only been  using Adobe Premiere CS3  Pro for a couple weeks now and I'm slowly but surely getting more adept at fixing things--this has halted my efforted  though. I initially was going to have a frozen frame where the arrow could sit above the static  player for a few seconds to help  the viewer figure out where to look. The problem was I  was using the Razor tool  to cut a small section  out and then I would try and give that section a large duration with the arrow overhead. The problem was that I couldn't get the small video clip (maybe 0.1 s) to stretch out to 2 seconds--the program wouldn't allow the speed to dip below 0.01%. My second problem was that I recongnized that I was losing chunks of footage when I used the razor tool, I don't know why this is occuring.


      My second idea was to  export a saved frame and then import it and have it lodged in between  the two chunks of the scene (something that would be very easy with Windows Movie Maker). The problem I ran into was again the razor tool cutting out parts of my video for some reason or another (plus it was annoying to sync the timing).


      My new idea is to have the red arrow work as a chase cam and move dynamically across the screen as the initial video moves but I have no idea how to do this nor find a tutorial etc on how to achieve something like this.


      What I'm wondering is if someone could elaborate on how to make  this successful! Thanks in advance,  Anthony.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are a couple of ways to do what you want.


          With the first method that you were thinking of, Freeze Frame is what you wish to apply for the, well Freeze Frame. A second way is to do an Export>Frame (creating a TIFF still image) and just insert it into your Clip, Razored at the proper place.


          Another is to just track the "arrow" with Keyframing of the Effect>Motion>Position. You'd most easily do this by creating a Title, and using something like a font "arrow" from a font set like Wingdings, or Webdings. Set the size, color, Stroke, etc. and then Keyframe it's Position to follow the player.


          Another method would be to highlight the player. This ARTICLE will explain that process. You can switch this on/off, as you deem fit.


          BTW in PrPro, the term is Video Tracks, but they would be "Layers" in Photoshop.


          Good luck, and let me know if you need more detail on any of these.




          PS - Welcome to the forum

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I wonder if the Tracking feature of After Effects would make this easier.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If one has AE and knows it well enough to use it in this instance, I'd say that it would be fine, though for ease of use, it'd be a toss-up for me. Since the OP does not need a pixel-for-pixel match, Keyframing in PrPro would be a snap with either the Title "arrow," or for the Track Matte Keying with maybe Levels, to "highlight" the player.



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                omgsketch Level 1

                As of right now I am trying the method in your highlight article but I no matter what I cannot get Brightness & Contrast to appear as an  effect on my Effect Controls for whatever reason.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  Keyframing in PrPro would be a snap


                  That will depend on the motion of the player.  There's a good chance it'll be easier to use the automated Tracking of AE.  Having shot more than a few HS football games, I'd not want the hassle of trying to keyframe them around the screen.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    OK, you got me on the "Rolling Title" one (thank you, BTW), but you will have to admit that either of us could either highlight, or follow with an arrow, any one player for a quarter, every play, in about 15 mins. To this old guy, that does qualify as a "snap." That's only about three sips of wine...


                    Heck, I've "followed" suspected UFO's, all over a screen with Keyframes in a few minutes. Now, if that client had needed me to overlay an animation of a UFO, and wanted it to match 100%, then AE would be the way to go. For an arrow - you could do that in your sleep.





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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Regarding your BMP (just came out of queue), you will want to make the arrow smaller, and orient it, so the viewer can know which player it's pointing at. You can also rotate it (with Keyframes, as is necessary, thoughout the play).


                      To end my "bickering" with Jim, do you have, and do you know Adobe After Effects?



                      I am a proponent on doing what you want to do in PrPro, as it's easy, regardless of the exact method that you choose to go.


                      Good luck,