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    Re Audio etc.

    mejanr Level 1

      Thanks so much for your help - you guys are great and I am on a very steep learning curve!!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You cant' hear that often enough, Mejan! Happy moviemaking and continued success!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Actually, once one gets past a few initial hurdles, it's home free. There will always be little things that pop up. Heck, I have to check with PrE often, though I know PrPro very well. Some things are just done differently.


            If one follows these principles, they will be ahead of the game:


            1.) Project Presets must match the Assets to the letter.


            2.) Assets will best be Imported, if they are either 100% compliant with the Project Presets, or are converted to the appropriate format/CODEC outside of PrE


            3.) Learn the GUI, so that you know where everything is, and what it is called. [This is where I often have to check, because I use PrPro most often.]


            4.) Know what you are Exporting/Sharing to, as you will have many dialog screens, and each text box counts.


            If one follows those, they will likely have complete success. Also, if one does everything the same way (yeah, I know - boring!) they will complete all Projects with no errors, or glitches.


            Good luck, and glad that Steve could help you,



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              mejanr Level 1

              Thanks for that - it may be a bit late to follow those steps for this project, but I will be better prepared next time!!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Hey, not to worry. I have been editing motion (not necessarily Video) for almost 40 years. I learn something with every Project, and almost every day. I feel no shame.


                Enjoy, and "Happy Editing"