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    Help Can You Explain for me please

      I am currently in the early stages of putting together an online marketing network of sites and pages all to be launched together.
      While downloading visual communicator I noticed information on Air and Flex and I have to say, I was blown away. The ability to extend my network to the desktop is something I can't ignore, the benifits would be massive. Now, I just want to say I am as far away from a savvy code literate web developer as you can get. I can put together a website, (but so can any tom, dick or harry nowadays) what I'd like to know is, would I be able to develop with these softwares. To be more precise, I cut up PSD images in Fireworks then export to flash to build a website. This is easy, requires minimal knowledge of code and its a simple work around for none programmers to build websites. So really what I'm trying to ask (talk about beat around the bush) is, would I be able to build applications with Air and Flex, Is there a designer only method of creating desktop applications with these softwares like as an example Dreamweaver has the design view. I saw somewhere in the site what adobe described as a flex building software would this be what I need? Please tell me if I'm out of my depth here, I know Im proberbly the least clued up person in these forums but I suppose you gotta start somewhere. Anyway I need to know is there an easy way to develop with flex (no disrespect to current flex developers)
      Thanks for taking the week off work to read my post. Ha Ha