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    Managing Multiple Dynamic Windows (AJAX/HTML)


      Looking for a little direction on managing multiple dynamic windows. Creating windows that can be identified, and altered potentially, from the main window. Also, testing to see if a window already exists.


      Any help in idenitifying windows would be great. Just looking for a little insight to get me going.



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          Vav Level 1

          I figured out a way around the dynamic window references. Not truly the ideal solution however it works. I essentially created an array just for window instances. On window creation, I add a reference to it within my window array. Then reference the array to see if the window reference exists. If so, then do nothing. If not, then I can create the new window. On close of the dynamically generated windows, I remove the reference to it from my window array.


          It works, but I feel this is not the most ideal way to do it. If there is another solution or approach that may be easier please feel free to add it.