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    Help with Scripting for Calculations in a form


      I don't know scripting at all... but I am trying to create an order form that will calculate quanities.


      This is what 1 line says...

      standard 100gr (a box to enter quantity) @ $21.00 ea (I have a hidden value, that I hope will work!) or save with (a box to enter quantity) 6-pack @ $102.00 (I have a hidden value) $(total which is the calulations part).  I need to be able to total the price depending with price they go for.  e.g. 2 @ $21.00 = $42.00 in end total box or 1 @ $102.00 = $102.00 in end total box without having to change my form to total it individually.


      I hope someone can help.


      Now that I am showing my ignorance... wondering also... I have space for credit card details,  I have created individual boxes for the numbers & made it so it will only allow 1 number per box... do I need to do anything else to make it automatically go to the next box with out hitting tab button, which would be a pain for anyone filling out the form.


      Thanks for any help