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    Adobe Reader 9, when select "pages" view, cursor locks up or worse


      Problem 1:  Using Mac OS X v. 10.4.11 with either Firefox 3.5.2  or Safari 4.0.3 OR when working from my desktop -- when I view a PDF document and click "pages" view on the left, the pages do not appear on the left hand side as they have in older versions.  Once I click "pages" other things go wrong.  The cursor then seems to become a select tool or something, and either selects text or drags blue boxes (s if selecting area of the screen) wherever I move the cursor.  The document will no longer scroll up and down at my choosing -- it  starts scrolling and keeps going.

      The only way I can stop this is to exit Adobe 9 completely and then reopen the document and avoid clicking "pages" (and I really need to use that feature)

      Problem 2:  In Firefox or Safari, when I download a PDF document from, say, Bank of America, I see only a blank page.

      Problem 3:  In Safari (can't remember if it happens in Firefox too) - sometimes I cannot quit a program or quit Safari.  It's as if the screen freezes at that point.


      Several times I have uninstalled ALL Adobe items on my computer.  Emptied trash.  Re-downloaded Adobe 9.  Restarted computer.   Same problems every time.


      I would be HAPPY to install an older version that works; the problem is that many sites I visit insist that I must have Adobe Flash Player.

      Can anyone help?  Please make it in plain English as I am not a techie like most of you.