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    Please Help with background color problem in loaded .swf


      I am stuck!


      This is Flash CS4...


      I created a flash application which loads in many other little flash applications (.swf files) based on menu selections.

      When I change one of the little applications the changes are viewable except when I change the background color.


      After the first time I view the application, the background color changes do not carry over to the main app.  I run the little ones stand alone and they show the new color, then I run the main app and any other changes I have made are there but not the color change.  When I remove the file and the load fails, the old backround color still displays in the container movie clip the .swf was previously loaded into.


      I have tried several different options and the only thing that worked was renaming and copying and deleting and making a big mess.  There has to be a way to force a refresh of this mysteriously saved color. doesn't there?


      Please help!