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    Transfer HDV


      Hi guys, whats up?


      Just wanted to know the best way to transfer my HDV tapes to my computer. Should I use my canon hx-a1s or should I go out and buy a deck. I mean is there any differenence in quality?


      Also what settings will give me the best results when transfering through adobe premiere cs4?



      And, is it better to capture the video from adobe premiere or another application such as sony vegas, final cut, avid, etc. I still dont know if I will use adobe premiere or sony vegas to edit my footage, it depends whichever one plays my files in realtime, so I want to import in a way where I can have ease of use in any pro video editing program.


      Thanks for all of ur help guys!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Just use HDVSplit, which is freeware and does everything, that PR should have done, but still can't. It offers scene detection, preview, no OOS errors.


          Quality is not an issue with firewire capture. Either it works or it doesn't. Capturing is just a digital transfer of 0's and 1's, so using A or B makes no difference on the content. Once captured, you can use any NLE of your choice.

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            blktiger527 Level 1

            Hi harm thanks for explaining that the files are digital transfers. Im not going to invest in a deck now since its not needed. Another question that I had was does HDVSplit or Premiere Pro, or any other program for that matter, transfer HDV in the same file format? The reason I am asking this is because I wanted to know the best format to capture in and whether one format offers more compression but less quality or another format offers less compression but more quality. Knowing this will help me decide what format to capture in.


            Thanks for all the help!

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Since capturing is only a digital transfer of data, you do not have any choice in format. That is decided when creating your project/sequence. As an example, you capture HDV from a HDV camera, but use it in a DV project, you still have the same quality, only the frame dimensions are incorrect. Generally you must set up your project/sequence to match what you have shot, both in dimensions and framerate, as well as interlaced or progressive. Then when capturing, you have no choice whatever for formats. You only have those choices on exporting.

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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                Just as the deck or camera you use makes no difference when capturing HDV (or DV, for that matter), the program you use makes no difference either, at least in respect to the format of the files you end up with upon capture. There are operational differences between PPro and HDVSplit, but other than that, you'll end up with the very same footage quality.


                Think of it in terms of offloading digital photos from the memory card used in a digital camera. Once the photo is taken, it doesn't matter if you use the camera or an internal or external card reader to transfer the photos to your computer; it's simply a file transfer/copy at this point. This is similar to how a deck or camera results in the same footage, regardless of which you use. Likewise, if you shoot stills with JPEG compression, the file transfer process doesn't alter the compression or quality of the images. You're simply moving the images from one digital medium to another, like you'd copy files on your hard drive. The same principle applies to transferring digital video footage (HDV, DV, AVCHD, and so on) from a tape or solid state device to your computer. What you shoot is what you get.

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                  WildIsland Level 1

                  When I capture HD video from my Sony HDR-HC9 camcorder using Premiere Pro CS4 capture I get files with the .mpeg extension.  If I capture with the Sony capture utility I get files with the .m2t extension.  The file sizes are close but not the same, though they are both HD video.


                  So we have several questions:


                  1. is one better that the other for use in Premiere?


                  2. Are these files (and the video they contain) HDV or AVCHD?


                  3. What is the best program preset to use?  HDV ( HDV 1080i30 (60i) )   or AVCHD (either square pixel or anamorphic)

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                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Your camera is a HDV camera (see outside lcd screen) so the footage is also HDV.

                    When capturing in Premiere there will be only one file with no scenedetection.

                    When capturing with HDV Split the extention will be m2t and you will be able to set it to scene detection and have a preview.

                    Sony also captures in m2t with scene detection but have read can give issues like first black frame or wrong 1st frame.

                    Easiest way is to use HDV split.

                    Your project should be 1080i30 (60i)

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      Look at the left side of the camera. Does it say HDV or AVCHD? Does it use tapes? Pretty obvious that it is HDV, so use a HDV preset... duuuhh...

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                        WildIsland Level 1

                        Yes the left side of the camera says




                        HDR-HC9  HDV 1080I/MINI DV


                        So one might think it has nothing to do with AVCHD, but when I capture with the Sony capture utility I get .m2t files that when I right click them and check the "Properties" it says that the type of file is "AVCHD Video (.m2t)”


                        So maybe you call that a duuuuuhh....


                        I would call it unclear and confusing.


                        Maybe you could clear it up for me.





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                          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Yes it is confusing. AVCHD is m2ts and windows interprete it as avchd. It forgets all about the 's'.

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                            HDV.DIVA Level 1

                            BTW, about Scene Dectection... I found there is a check box for this and it is working with my Sony HVR-V1U.  I don't remember it being there in the past.