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    Text box is defaulted to diagonal

    James Porich

      Hi guys


      Im unsure how to rectify this problem, and I'm also unsure as to what exactly made it do this but I'll explain it anyway.


      In Illustrator when I make a new text box, instead of being a flat rectangle/square and expanding on the x and y axis, my text box begins "diamond like" and expands on a 45 degree angle to what it should be. The text too, when typed, is on the same 45 degree angle. When I spin the text box back to 0 degrees like it should be on default, the text box moves cleanly to 0 degrees but the text remains on a 45 degree angle.


      Am I doing something simply idiotic or is there some kind of problem with my Illustrator? All the settings I could find for type seem to be on default.


      Any help would be amazing!