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    illustrator cursor / screen pixelation

    electricpalmtrees Level 1

      hi there people


      two things that are bugging the hell out of me


      if anyone knows the answer it would be greatfully received


      1. the cursor for the pen tool is a cross, it used to be a pen. the pen icon shows but only when the caps lock is on.

      i know this is wrong and as wondering what i can do to change it / toggle it back.


      2. The screen resolution is pixelating. Ithought this was a font problem, and it is kind of. But today ive noticed that more

      things when i go over 100% start to pixelate. again this is wrong as you should be able to scale up eps's with clear




      can someone help me as its really messing with my head





      ps. example of path pixelation attached, i cant screen grab the cursor for obviously reasons but its showing

      up as a small thin diagonal cross.