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    problem: loading external swf objects using container


      I am doing a website with external swf using AS2 .

      The parent frame (container) is resizeable, the external swf is an animation.

      Some items draw outside external container.

      The external (swf with animation)  will resize when parent frame (container) resized in scale.


      The problem occurs when the parent frame resized, the flash programme define the width of external swf, such as the movieclips/jpeg outside the scene. (for example: both my Container and External swf are 1024x640. However, some of the graphics in the External Animation swf move outside this area. BUT the parent CONTAINER still RECOGNIZE and LOAD the content outside the defined stage.)


      i found this izzue in FLEX, http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/SDK-14590.



      Therefore,  I would like to know if I could fix this in Flash CS3 (AS2) ?