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    Retracting task in process workflow

    vu.tuan.anh Level 1

      Hi experts,


      I'm currently working on how to retracting task in specific workflow.The situation is like this:


      User A initiates form then assign it to user B  (task B). User B completes (task B) then assigns to user C (task C).


      In case user B forgets some details, he wants to retract the form from user C so that he can edit form and resubmit it.


      What i can think of is to create a separate process and use a custom component to reset the status of this process.


      From what i observe, before and after completing task B, there are changes in tb_task, tb_job_instance and tb_branch_instance (if you think there can be changes in other tables, please let me know, thank you).


      I have tried to delete task C in tb_task, set task B's status from COMPLETE (100)to RUNNING(3)  and it's complete time to null. User B can see the task but after complete, it never appear in user C's task.


      I realized that after task B is completed, its associated job in tb_job_instance is deleted and task C and its job are created.


      Is there anyway I can create a job in tb_job_instance to link with current process, so that after user B complete the task, the form is routed to user C.


      Any comment will be much appreciated,


      Thank you,

      Tuan Anh