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    fireworks newbie question


      ok ....so i've been 'learning' fireworks since ver 1 in 1998 . doh !  Suddenly though i have really got to grips with fw , making a nice interface /gallery for my gardening business . The one problem that i have is that when i scroll down to the middle of the page and then click a button the 'focus' of the page jumps up to the top  . this only happens in internet explorer and not in the previewer in fireworks mx



      Thankyou and Regards, James

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          Nadia-P Level 5

          Sounds like this is a coding issue now, you may want to ask the question in the Dreamweaver forum.


          However before you do, please upload the files to a remote server and provide a link to them when you ask your question.  The only way people can help troubleshoot is if they see the page in context and can examine the code, the css, images etc.,




          A couple of other links that may be useful - from the DW forum:


          Dreamweaver FAQ

          Posting code in this forum

          How to get help quickly





          Adobe® Community Expert : Dreamweaver



          Unique CSS Templates | Tutorials | SEO Articles




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            foxley1 Level 1

            Thankyou Nadia for your response .


            I attach the html file (the png will not upload)


            From your response I imported my fireworks code into dreamweaver and the same happened .


            The button that says Paving has the 'work' behind it .


            Regards ,



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              foxley1 Level 1

              the html file uploaded was very static ....sorry



              i'll try again . James

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                foxley1 Level 1

                the png file is 8mb so i attach a file created by dreamweaver. I imported the fireworks html into it.


                soz 4 b'ing such an obvious Newb

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                  Nadia-P Level 5


                  we are going about this the wrong way  :-)


                  Showing the html code is ok, however, from what I see it's all images...  a whole html page of images - not a real good way to layout a website I'm afraid.


                  As I pointed out in my first post - it's always better to upload the files to a server (even to a test folder if you currently have a site online) so that people can view the whole web page including images.


                  When you supply only the html, we can't see how the code interacts with the images etc.,  :-)

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                    pixlor Level 4

                    Hi James,


                    I looked at your code. All your links start with this:

                    a href="javascript:;" target="_top"

                    The "a href" part is what makes it a link. It links to "javascript:" but there's no code for it to run. The "target='_top'" part, however, says "load this link in the outermost window. In other words, your page reloads. Since the browser figures it's a new page, it starts at the top. That's what's happening.


                    So...yes, you have an HTML file. What you don't have is anything that is at all useful for the Web. Fireworks is primarily a graphics application. It can write some HTML, but you have to understand what you're doing in order for that HTML to be usable. You have a big table full of images, which is really not what you should have.


                    Go through this tutorial and you'll understand what it is you're trying to do (or should be trying to do):



                    Then, open your HTML file in Dreamweaver and switch to Code View. You'll see that it's nothing like what you should be doing.


                    Some other beginner tutorials are

                    NetTuts: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/html-css-techniques/design-and-code-your-first-website-i n-easy-to-understand-steps/

                    HTML Dog : http://www.htmldog.com/

                    See also: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/479827?tstart=0 , where Nadia links to a series on using CS4 to export.


                    HTML is not terribly difficult to learn, really. The code Fireworks generates is pretty awful, though, and it's exteremely difficult to troubleshoot and maintain. For beginners, it's better to start from scratch and build your own HTML, so you know what you have.

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                      Dear Nadia and Pixlor , you guys have been ever so friendly to me . thankyou !! . Over the last ten years i have read and read every article known to man on fireworks , and dreamweaver  . I have gone down the fireworks route since about 1998 when i left the employ of MS and vowed to find an alternative to that awful Office product. and in the last week or so (i messed by back up ) i have turned a corner fully understanding frames, buttons , behaviours and layers - the pre requisites. You see , i like the hover panel effect and have modified the standard coffee company template many times , only for it to turn to mush at the last minute . As you said , the fireworks html is pretty awful - the thing is i'm a wysiwg man so looking at the code is not my forte!


                      Nadia you kindly explained that i should give the url to the site for you to have a look at . I have just turned the next corner by uploading to my new hoster.


                      the png file has been carved up by dw into lots of bits and its here at  . the first button on the left shows paving and on click it allows you to see a slice. it has not been optimized for size yet and infact all the glow/shadow/emboss features will probably go - its about making a nice friendly mono level website so that my customers can quickly see a few pictures .


                      For the last couple of years i have been playing with flash to make the gallery section - honestly , I couldn't program flash for peanuts !!


                      My knowledge is ever so basic but i think i'm onto something with this . I am about to try to take the foxley top banner out of the png and load it into a seperate frame in Dreamweaver (a workaround) but , as this forum is all about knowledge sharing/bettering i would love to know where i have gone wrong . The png i believe is quite simple and negates the need for a flash gallery as i only want to show low res photos .


                      Thankyou and Regards for the weekend !!




                      www.foxleygardendesign.co.uk     not working as of yesterday :-)

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                        pixlor Level 4

                        Hi James,


                        Okay...I've had some time to look at your site. Again...it's all in images, which is not what you want. There are three reasons you don't want all your content presented as images.

                        1) They take longer to load than the same information presented in text (it's a matter of the number of bytes required).

                        2) Search engines have no text to index, so there's no information they can put in their databases, therefore no way anyone searching for a garden designer would find you.

                        3) Someone with a visual impairment who happened to get to your site might not be able to get anything out of it.


                        As a design, I think you have too many competing elements. When I look at the photos you do have of your gardening work, I see quality craftsmanship. With the site design, you have the bright green buttons at the top, you have buttons with photo backgrounds at the side (each in a different color), you have the green and black background for the main area, you have a green and pink background behind that, there's a gridded background behind it all. I think you have included too many design treatments and they're distracting from what you want to present. Also, background images behind text make the text difficult to read. (In addition, text in all caps is more difficult to read than text in mixed case.)


                        Current Web design trends are, for the most part, more simple/clean and more unified. Here's a site that showcases designs and categorizes them by color and other thematic elements.


                        Browse around a while and see what other sites look like. "What everyone else is doing" is, in fact, what defines the fashion of the day and your customers will expect you to follow that to a certain extent. The Portfolios section may be especially useful, where Web designers show off the sites they've done.


                        For a Flash gallery, I've used SimpleViewer (http://simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/). The free mode has a link back to the download site. The paid version doesn't and is modestly priced. It is easy to use and to incorporate into a Web page.


                        I really like your tree logo. I think you should have that in a header at the top of each page. In that logo, you have white, dark green, light green, and gold. Those (plus black, perhaps for text) should be the colors you use for your site. Leave out the pinks and purples, and the bright greens and yellows, unless they're in photos. Make your site in HTML, not images, so that new customers can find you. Also, pages can scroll! You can put all your paving images on one page, if you like. Is there really a need to make your customers click and click and click to see everything, rather than be able to compare the look of the items by seeing them all on the same page?





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                          foxleygd Level 1

                          A big Thankyou for emailing back . some really honest words there . Over 

                          the next month I will use everything you have said .

                          Thanks once again.



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                            pixlor Level 4

                            You're welcome!


                            I went through the NetTuts tutorial I linked you to, and it's really quite good. The .psd file she has for download will open in Fireworks, so you can use FW to produce the graphics and follow along. I think you'll find that the HTML and CSS is much simpler to work with than what you have.


                            Good luck!



                            NetTuts: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/html-css-techniques/design-and-code-your-first -website-in-easy-to-understand-steps/