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    Footer looks lovely (in RH), published view shows yukky black line


      I have been using an .htt for quite awhile (several months) and was happy with the centered, font size 8, copyright notice in a muted gray.


      This week, I noticed some topics sporting a wide black line that doesn't respect margins in place of that lovely footer.


      So I checked the .htt, which still has a nice body/footer/header layout. I renamed the desired .htt, highlighted all topicsin the topics list, right clicked, and assigned it as the Master page. Cleared my published folder locations, and republished. Same ugly black line.


      What happened?


      RH 8, project was upgraded from RH 7 in June 2009.


      Possible corollary (but different topics): certain books on the published server(s), are stuck in a sort of strobe light state and display nothing. If I click on some other topic, the "book" has toggled (expanded/closed).