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    using SQL view From SQL Express in Flex


      Hello All ,  i am new at Flex and yet searching for a basic answere to even more basic question...

      i am currently looking for a way o extract and import SQL views from my SQL Express database ( on my local host) and present it with RIA on desktop, grpahs Charts etc.

      my question is, which way is the best to do so ? 

      need i to use Coldfusion For the Data ?  and then Flex3 For the design ( i.e Graphs)?

      or maybe using another ODBC program for XML file and then Connect it as Data Resource into the flex3 project

      as you must see , i am a bit confused....

      thanks in advance

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          sri harsha namala Level 2


                   If you go for AIR you can directly connect to Database and you can get the data and can be shown graphically ,

                   But if you Go for Webapplication(Flex ) then definately u should use some backend like CFC,PHP,JAVA,.Net............ in order to connect to DB and use Remote Objects/HttpService and show the Result Graphically..............