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    Why would entering data into a basic form be so slow?


      We have a form created in Acrobat 8.0 that has about 30 fields. They are only fields to be filled in and then the form is printed.


      Until we updated Adobe Reader to version 9.1.1, we had no issues entering data into the form. With versions 9.1.1 and above, data entry gets slower and slower as you move down the form.


      Entering data into the first part of the form is rapid. When entering data into the middle part of the form, you can type characters and then watch as the characters slowly appear. When you get to the end of the form. the characters you type can take about 5 seconds each befor they appear.

      Can't figure out why version 9.1.1 and higher cause data entry to get progressively slower as you move down the form.