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    Cannot get skin to show


      I've been searching all morning and have tried everything in every post I can find on the subject and I just cannot get the skin controls to show in my movie

      this is my article
      http://www.backyard-workshop.com/projec ... video.html


      as you can see the skin is there - http://www.backyard-workshop.com/SkinUnderAll.swf
      it's also in with the flash movie here - http://www.backyard-workshop.com/images ... derAll.swf


      I just can't get it to show up! I've tried setting the "CustomURL" for the player to:
      http://www.backyard-workshop.com/SkinUnderAll.swf and
      http://www.backyard-workshop.com/images ... derAll.swf and
      /images/stories/SkinUnderAll.swf and
      images/stories/SkinUnderAll.swf and


      anyone else have some other ideas to try?