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    How do I create bread crumbs if I don't want to put all of the topics in the TOC?


      Good Morning


      I am trying to figure out how I can create bread crumbs for topics that I do not have in the Table of Contents.  The reason is that if I put all of my topics in the TOC, it will end up a mile long!


      I created an alphabet bar, where each of the letters is a hyperlink to a main page with addtional topics on each main page.  For example, if the user clicks 'A' on the alphabet bar, the A List appears with a list of topics that begin with the letter A, like Active Directory.  When user clicks on the Active Directory link, the Active Directory topic appears.  However, when I look in the upper righthand corner for the bread crumb, it goes Home<Active Directory, and skips over the A LIst.  What I want it to look like is Home>Passwords A-Z>A List>Active Directory.


      So, in thinking about this, I thought I could somehow manually create the bread crumbs.  But, everything I've read so far has referred to automatic creation of bread crumbs from the TOC, which as I mentioned, would end up making the TOC huge.


      I've also looked for other ways to create the navigation bar (rather than using the method I've described above) in the event there is no way to manually create the breadcrumbs.  I have seen what I wanted in another help database but I am completely unable to figure out how they did it.


      Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!