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    Illustrator change color, size & direction

    lee the nubee

      Please.  I am 45 and at ground level.  Can someone tell me how to change a vector image (flourish) I downloaded from istock photo.  I was able to open it with Ai but I don't know how to change the size, direction and color.  Please help.  Thanks!

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          If it is indeed a vector image, you should be able to see the Anchor Points (on the paths forming the shape) when you select it.


          If it is, please describe what you see, or post a screenshot using the Camera icon to avoid queueing.

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            Ozzwoman9 Level 4

            If it is a vector image:


            Size: Select what you need to size with the selection tool, then drag and hold the shift key to resize (holding shift keeps the proportions). OR Select the object and go to Object>Transform>Scale.


            Direction: Select the object, slightly outside of one the corner points you will get a double arrow and you can then click and rotate. OR select the obejct and go to Object>Transform>Rotate.


            Color: select with the Direct Selection arrow one portion of the color, go to Select>Same>*then select fill or stroke*. Then go to your color pallet and select the color you want to change to.

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              Jesseham Level 4

              Are you looking to change the gradient?


              You have the gradient tool to change the direction.


              You have the gradient panel to change the color(s) click on the little squares of color below the gradient in the panel and change them by adjusting the sliders in the color panel.