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    Joysticks and game controllers in Director

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      I'm working on a kiosk project that uses a bike type pedal controller that plugs into a usb port. As the user pedals, a point of view video plays. How do I get input from the device. I can right the rest of the code but can't seem to find out how to get the input from the controller. According to this Adobe site, Director 11 and up supports joysticks, game controllers and other devices. http://www.adobe.com/products/director/compare/ Any ideas?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Any ideas?

          Yes - stick with the advice Martin gave you on his site.


          For available xtras, check the Mile High table

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              Thanks. I'll check it out.


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              I have a similar project like you, I start this week with this and I'm looking for the way to do it. I found this company that have a device called PCGamerBike (www.gamecycles.com) it has a configuration menu that you can adapted to your program. Other posible way that I found is buying the DirectCommunication Xtra that let to the serial or USB port read external information but I think only works with Director Mx.


              I'm keep on searching the best way to do it. Have you already developed your program?? How did you do it?? or still working on it?


              Greetinsg from Barcelona


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                  I am still working on the project. It involves making videos go faster or slower depending on whether the person is pedaling forwards or backwards. We are also using the PCGamerBike. It comes with a small program you can install and set the forward and backward motion of the pedals to different keystrokes. I set the forward to the up arrow and the backward to the down arrow. I did some initial testing and it worked great. You can write your code to look for those keyboard inputs and you don't have to buy any Xtras. That way you can test your movie using whatever keystrokes you assign to it. I'm almost finished and getting ready to plug the PCGamerBike to make sure it will work correctly with the final product. Let me know if you have any other questions.


                Best regards and good luck!



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