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    Print outs have thin border when -default-background-color is set

    BridalLive Level 1

      Hey everyone.  In my application the print out have this very thin border.  The -default-background-color is set to #333333 (dark grey) and this is the problem.  When I set the color to #FFFFFF (white), the thin borders go away.


      When I set the default-backgroun-color to #FFFFFF, my loading screen is white.  I don't want that.


      Does anyone know how I can have my loading screen with a #333333, but not have the thin border lines around my print outs?  Setting the border properties on the printed component doesn't work.  The problem is with the background color.


      Thanks for reading.



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          BridalLive Level 1

          Still hacking away at this problem.


          I thought I had the fix until I deployed the AIR application.  Setting the -default-background-color to white worked fine when running from flex builder, but when I installed the application.  The "borders" are still showing.


          Has anyone had any experience with this?  I'm printing Point of Sale receipts and they look like crap with these lines around them.  On top of this, some printers print differently.  The HPs print a border around the whole component. The Brother printers just print the left and right.  One of my customer's printers just prints the bottom and right borders.