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    Set up Illustrator for web use

    SteveKer Level 1

      I have synchronised colour settings using Bridge, to North America Web / Internet.


      I have a simple grey rectangle in Illustrator.  The info panel tells me that it is RGB 59,62,53 but when I use Apple Digital Color Meter it displays as 42,46,37.


      I export it as PNG, and open the PNG in Photoshop, the PS info panel tells me it is 59,62,53 but now Digital Colour Meter says it is 45,48,40.


      I open the same PNG in Firefox and it now displays as the correct 59,62,53 in Digital Colour Meter, but it looks a bit lighter than it does in PS and a lot lighter than it does in AI.


      I just want Illustrator to display things AS THEY WILL APPEAR when exported as PNG (or PSD and then via Photoshop to PNG) and shown in Firefox or any other browser.


      Can any one help?? This is driving me nuts.