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    Dynamic content in HTML Help

      Afternoon all:

      Been through the FAQs and didn't find anything on Dynamic Content and RH (lots of DreamWeaver hits though)

      I've inherited departmental help manuals, designed for hardcopy distribution, that were imported into RH HMTL (as is).

      So, I have duplicates from hell to clean up. Even by reorganizing the content for the on-line environment, there will still be a need for duplicate procedures within topics, so I was wondering if RH HTML supports the use of dynamic content.

      My goal is ONE PROCEDURE--even if I build dupe pages in topics, so I can make one update to all. I'm not a expert--just started dabbling in RH at this point, so any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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          Hi Steve and welcome to the forums.

          What you are trying to do has shown up in these forums frequently. There are a few options.
          One is to use an inline frame, which loads a topic into another. The problem with this is that you need to set a size and if the included topic changes size it can get pretty ugly.

          Another option is to use a script to load text into the topic on loading. This is cleaner but can be more complicated to implement (and maintain?). I've only done this with text files and VBScript so couldn't be much help but you may find an expert on this forum.

          And another option is to put the content in a secondary window, the problem being that the user would need to click to open the content. If the duplicate content is procedural, this may work OK.

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            shayhurs Level 1
            Thanks John for thw quick response.

            My first concern was if RH HTML would support doing dynamic content, so that is good to know.

            I've mapped the duplicates now so once I figure out the on-line structure, I may be back with more questions for the forums.

            Thanks again!
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              Also, keep in mind that the content displayed in John's #1 & #2 solutions will not get printed, either when printing a topic from online help or when generating into Printed Doc output.

              Good luck,
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                shayhurs Level 1
                Hmmm; that will complicate things. Thanks for the heads up.

                While printing a procedure has a history of ending up in a notebook with workarounds on the harccopy (instead of being shared with the authors), the ability to print is needed.