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    CFPRINT issue with protected PDF

    SherlockTicklesquire Level 1

      Running CF 8 on Windows Server 2003.  Have a PDF ["version 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x)"] from an external source which has the following permissions (see table below).  There is an owner (but not user) password applied to the file and I do not know the password.  I can delete pages from it via <CFPDF action="deletepages"> and prepend another PDF to it via <CFPDF action="merge"> (without supplying the password, strangely enough).


      Yet when I try to <CFPRINT> the original PDF, I receive:


      Security or permissions error for the cfprint tag. 

      Error: Password provided is either wrong or does not have AllowPrintHigh permission. 


      I have tried printing with all the "Quality" values.


      Even more bizarre is that I can print the original PDF using CF 9,0,0,241018 (the developer beta).


      Does anyone know how to print this file using CF 8 without changing the file?  Thanks.


      Changing the DocumentNot Allowed
      Document AssemblyAllowed
      Content CopyingNot Allowed
      Content Copying for AccessibilityAllowed
      Page ExtractionNot Allowed
      CommentingNot Allowed
      Filling of form fieldsAllowed
      Creation of Template PagesAllowed