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    Flash Lite Apps on TV devices




      I'm a Flash/flex newbie and maybe this isn't the right forum for my question, if this is so please tell me where i should post my question.


      I want to develop an interactive Flash Lite application (I suppose with Flex this isn't possible) that can run on TV devices (e.g. Sony Bravia, ...). By interactive I mean that a consumer can interact with the application by using the remote control (e.g. enter numbers, ...).

      My first question is Flash Lite meant for developing this kind of application?

      My second question how can such an application be deployed on multiple TV devices (I suppose using a kind of set-top boxes connected to a server that on its turn is connected to networking devices, switch firewall, with xDSL)? If I need to use a set-top box what kind of set-top box do i need for this since I want broadcast these apps myself and not via an operator?


      Thanks for any help on this.


      Kind regards,