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    Illustrator CS4: Exporting as cropped image, unable to define Crop Area or Crop to Artboard


      Preface: I am using Adobe Illustrator CS4 Design Premium, Windows version.


      I am currently designing some projects in Illustrator CS4. I am NOT using multiple artboards, only one. On previous versions of Illustrator, users could simply Export> an image as a JPG, and the image would be appropriately cropped to either the Document size, or predetermined Crop Area marks which were easily chosen in the Object dropdown menu.


      Since the ever useful Object > set cropmarks function was removed with the advent of CS4, I am unable to Export an Illustrator file as a high-res JPG or TIF using the supposed Artboard as the cropmarks. In other words, when trying to export my project, the saved/exported image includes all content placed in the document, even material that extends beyond the Document size or Artboard size. Why is this? What am I overlooking?


      In the Artboard dialogue or settings, I cannot locate any option to set the Artboard as the default crop area for Exporting, saving, and printing, etc.


      After doing a bunch of research trying to find a fix, I have only discovered that there are thousands of other people posting on various forums regarding this same issue, so I think a detailed and complete explanation or instruction on how to do this would be very helpful and appreciated.


      Other than in the Save For Web & Devices settings, there seems to be no options to Export using cropmarks, or export a file to be properly cropped to the Artboard dimensions. Again, I know this function is possible when Saving for Web, but not with a normal high resolution Export as a flattened image such as a jpg... or at least I can't find out how.


      Any help is appreciated, thanks.