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    Videos to play in FC



      i was wondering if you could tell me how i could embed a video file in FC? (so baisically when the icon or thumbnail is pressed the video will begin to play) how can i do this and whats the best size to export the video as?


      also once i've exported my final flash site, can i embed this (swf) file into my html webpage?how do i do this?




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          Mark E. Shepherd Adobe Employee

          Flash Catalyst Beta 1 does not have support for video. This is a great idea and we're definitely thinking about it.


          When you use the Publish to SWF command (on Catalyst's File menu), the result is a .swf file PLUS an .hmtl file and some other supporting files. You can deploy this html file to your website, or you can (carefully!) copy the necessary tags into your own html file. Make sure you also deploy the supporting files.


          Hope this helps.


          Mark Shepherd

          Flash Catalyst Engineering

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            muddpuppie Level 1

            Hi Mark,

            thanks for that.

            its a shame beta 1 doesnt support video. guess my flash site will need to wait for the second beta to come out till i can complete my portfolio site, seeing as half of my work is video. i look forward to this beta update. any ideas when it'l be available?


            also regarding embedding into my html site. by copying the tags you mean to go under the hood of my FC project and attach the related code to my html web page site. am i correct?




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              Mark E. Shepherd Adobe Employee

              Hi Mudd, you can expect another beta in a month or two.


              When you do "Publish to SWF.." on the File menu, the result is 2 folders - one called 'deploy-to-web' and the other called 'run-local'. Both of these folders contain a 'main.html' file, and various other supporting files. If you want to embed the SWF file in your website, you would go to the deploy-to-web folder and (a) copy the appropriate tags from main.html to your own HTML file, and (b) copy all the supporting files to your website.


              Mark S