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    Need help on cfsearch using category attribute????

    cfm_101 Level 1

      I have a folder name called myFolder In that folder I have 3 more subfolders documents_1, documents_2, documents_3


      I want to build a search page which would allow me to search for each individual subfolder or all at one .


      I want to use category and categoryTree w/one collection only.  I tried (see below) but it does not work ... could someone point me to the right direction?





      1)  create a collection myColl w/category enabled in Coldfusion Administrator


      2) <cfindex collection = "myColl" action="Update" type="path" key="c:\my documents\myFolder\documents_1" category="doc1">

          <cfindex collection = "myColl" action="Update" type="path" key="c:\my documents\myFolder\documents_2" category="doc2">

          <cfindex collection = "myColl" action="Update" type="path" key="c:\my documents\myFolder\documents_3" category="doc3">


      3) And my cfsearch like this

                <cfsearch name="results" criteria="test01" category="doc1">



      but the results always return 0 records...