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    Fireworks CS4 in Mac OSX 10.5.8 nearly unusable

    Quickstar37 Level 1

      I am a Digital Media Tutor and have been using Fireworks in our curriculum for the past two years.

      CS3 had some bugs and would crash occasionally but generally was a good tool for interactive prototyping.


      We use the iMac with 4 GB Ram the latest Updates and Mac OSX 10.5.8

      Ever since the CS4 version came out the bugs are so bad and so numerous and random that I couldn't even run through a lecture / walkthrough.

      So I have now been forced to remove it from the curriculum altogether.

      Its a real shame that Adobe has not been able to fix it.

      Here are a few that I encountered in my class in just one hour:


      Attempting to highlight a word in text to change its color (crash) over and over had to edit in Illustrator.


      Aligning text (disappears) still in layer but gone forever


      Copying and pasting graphics from one layer to the next (image appears but is unselectable and has no layer)


      Changing a regular layer's order (error saying can't adjust master page layer)


      No behaviors showing up in the window on Navbar slices forecd to reboot to edit them.


      Degrading performance over time and slow response of UI sometimes up to 30 seconds until eventually crashing (assumed memory leak)


      Adobe please put some resources into making this software usable and focus on what you have before jumping to CS5.