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    captured video playing fast


      hi i have no clue what is causing this but i have it fixed now but would like to know why this happens to fix it faster in the future. this have also happened to me in the past so its not a one time thing.


      ok so im captureing video off my mini dv camera (6min of video with audio) and its capturing fine. i save the video and all is fine. when i brought the video in to the source preview window or the sequence and play it back the video is speed up like it only captured one frame every 10 frames (this is what it did) but the audio is find but out of sync.(like you speed up the video sepetetly from the audio) so i tried to recapture. same thing. i do this 3 times before i get it captured correctly. i capture some more clips fine then another part of the tape starts doing the same thing then eventually fixes its self.


      any one know what could be causing this? it may seem like not a problem to you but i dont want to spend 20 min capturing 6 min or video.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This is certainly not normal behavior.  My first guess would be a corrupt installation of Premiere.


          As a test, try playing one of yoru sped up clips outside Premiere.  The KM Player or VLC, or example.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Try capturing with Scenalyzer. Much better than PR. If you still have this problem, something else is amiss and you need to give more details on your settings and workflow.

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              somerockenguy Level 1

              i tried what jim sugested and played one of the clips in windows movie player (only because that what aiv opens with by default) and it played fine. So the problem is with premiere. i noticed when i put a sped up clip in to the timeline it has the red bar above it that shows it is unrendered. when i render it it stays the same and the speed is set to 100% nothing abnormal.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8



                Next step is some details.  What model DV camera?  How is it connected?  What are your capture settings?  What are your sequence settings?

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                  somerockenguy Level 1

                  the camera is a panasonic pv-gs80 that im useing as a capture cam for my sony dcr-vx2000. i have used this meny time with cs3 and cs4 with no problem. the camera is connected through the built in 1394 port on my dell insperon 1525.


                  my sequence setting are



                  editing mode: DV NTSC

                  Timebase: 29.97 frames/second



                  Frame size: 720x480

                  pixel aspect ratio: D1/DV NTSC (0.9091)

                  fields: lower field first

                  Display format: 30FPS drop-frame timecode



                  sample rate: 48000Hz

                  display format: audio samples


                  video previews:

                  preview file format: NTSC DV

                  Codec: NTSC DV


                  maximum bit depth is unchecked




                  My capture settings are:


                  Capture Format: DV


                  Capture locations are same as project


                  device control:


                  Device: DV/HDV Device control


                                        DV/HDV Device control settings are:

                                                              video standard: NTSC

                                                              Device brand: Panasonic

                                                              Device type: standard

                                                              timecode format: auto detect


                  preroll time: 2s

                  timecode offset: 0f


                  hope all that could help

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8



                    Now, I don't see anything you're doing wrong.  Things should work fine.


                    Next would be to follow Harm's advice and try another capture utility.  Scenalyzer or WinDV.  Try those clips in Premiere and see how they work.