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    "What's This Help" import problem

    Jen L

      Hi, I am updating my program to be compatible with Windows Vista. I had been using my old help file made in a prior version of Robohelp until now.

      Now that my users are using vista, that help won't work. So I made a .chm file for the online help, and when the user selects File/Help, the help file shows. However, I haven't a second help file that is my context sensitive help. (What's This Help).  I tried to import it and received an error.  So I created a new What's this help file associated with my RoboHelp Html online help, made one test topic, and now I can access the online help and the ? help for that one test using .chm file.  However, I do not want to have to re-enter the thousands of context sensitive help topics!  I noticed that my old file saved the "What's This help" topics in an .rtf file and the new one saves the info in a context.txt.  Is there a way to convert the old .rtf to a context.txt or an easy way to get my data in?


      Thank you!!