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    creating .swf's in Photoshop CS4?

    RuesterProd Level 1

      I have PS CS4, I found a tutorial for PS CS2 (Creative COW) that said you could export animations created in Photoshop as .swf's using Imageready through Photoshop. But I can't seem to find a similar tutorial, or anything, to export Flash files from Photoshop CS4?! Is it possible. I would really like to create my animated buttons for my Nav Bar with PS.


      I guess I could fumble around in Flash, but I Iike the animation window in PS CS4, it's very similar to AfterEffects, which I love to use. Flash seems so clunky and you have to type in code and all that. Anyone have any tips?


      Thanks all,



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No, to my knowledge PS does not spit out any form of Flash animation. If it would, it would be just rasterized image sequences such as you can create from within After Effects when you directly export an SWF. Still, speaking of that, since you have AE, why not do the animation there, combined with flash? Check out the requirements and workflow for exporting XFL files from AE, and you're already much closer...