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    how to use stratus in AS2


      I am trying to use AS2 to use stratus, and the FAQ said AS2 can use netConnection for that.


      I managed to connect to rtmfp://stratus.adobe.com and was returned "NetConnection.Connect.Success", but cannot get nearID. It said "undefined"


      Any one can help, or give me some code samples?


      Millions of thanks.


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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          that entry in the FAQ is only partially correct.  all new RTMFP-specific APIs (such as netConnection.nearID) are AS3 only.  netConnection.connect() is an existing AS2/AS3 API, and it supports the new rtmfp: URI scheme.  so you are able to use an existing AS2 API to connect to Stratus, but the APIs that make your Stratus connection useful (netConnection.nearID, new NetStream constructor taking a peerID) aren't available to AS2.


          i will work to get the FAQ updated.