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    FTP Then Access Denied.  Can't save or open the file.  Also don't have permission

      I am going insane. When FTP'ing files from Dreamweaver to our hosting server, it sends the file but from that point on, if I attempt to open or save the file, I get this error message:

      Access to C:\Users\admin\Desktop\listcombo\Stylevantage1-0\index.html was denied

      Also, when I try to save after I have successfully FTP'd a file, I get an error message saying I don't have permission to view a file when I'm the one that made the file! It's so annoying! I have Windows Vista and think that might have something to do with it.

      When I FTP a file to my server, close the file in Dreamweaver 8, then attempt to open it and get that "Access Denied" message as I stated above, it seems like the only way to open the file is to FTP the file BACK from my server to my computer. THEN it opens up.

      Also, when I'm trying to save a file, say the index, I get a message that has to do with cannot save file mfcesbi.tmp when I'm trying to save the index... NOT mfcesbi.tmp. What's that about anyways?

      Also, I've done the whole "Right click Dreamweaver and set permissions on the security tab" thing. Every possible permission that I can check is checked to "allow" so that's not the problem.