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    Director with java

    nick2price Level 1
      I am aiming to make a game in adobe director but i want to integrate it with java. Does anyone know of any good software that integrates director and java. I have found INM MOKA XTRA but it seems very unpopular and expensive.
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          Level 7
          What does "integrate it with java" mean?

          I suspect the Moka xtra is your only option, but I have no idea why you
          think it's unpopular - it's certainly a niche product.
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            Wolfgang Herold Level 2
            It's great, we use it for external communication. A javahost does all our communication to different other jhosts or over the serialport, all data and protocol conversions and then delivers a defined eventprotocol to Director.
            So we can get data from every java compatible application,and the multimediaguy ( me ) can do his visualisation with his "simple" lingo knowledge.
            Although it's not D11 converted, it works with D11.

            e.g. If you have to transfer unicode, you must escape a unicode string into a 3byte string and then un-escape ( crazy, "u n e s c a p e" without spaces is a forbidden word in this forum ) it in D11 with a little help of Flash (dataconversion only!)

            i did a small tutorial at directorforum.de at

            sorry it is in german, but the code is Lingo/As2, so it should be possible for other language people to follow.