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    Help-Project for different software-versions

    Dries Laurens

      Edition: Robohelp HTML

      Version: RH8


      I'm experimenting to make a help-project for a software-suite we develop, output = CHM-file.

      1. The software is multi-language, so the HELP has to be too. For this case I already have a solution, but all ways of working are welcome to help me.
      2. The software evolves, and has more than one version. Some topics can be used for all versions, some not. So I'd like to create a help-project that contains the information (topics) for all those versions. Finally I 'd like to have a SingleSourceLayout for each version, within the same project.


      => I thought this can be solved by using Conditional Build Tags?

      => Should I create different topics, or do I create one topic for all versions, and apply Conditional Build Tags to the different paragraphs?

      => Better ways of working?



      Thank You