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    Exercise 13 - AIR Installation

    no free screennames

      I have completed all exercises up to exercise 13.


      After making and running the AIR project successfully, and exporting the project build, you are told to run the .air installation package by double clicking on the file.


      This did nothing as there was not a program associated to .air files even although it opened fine from Flex.


      After looking on the internet I found AIR runtime which seemed to be the correct application to use to run the .air install packages.


      I downloaded and installed this file, and double clicked on the "AdobeODTAir.air" file but received the following error:



      Sorry, an error has occurred


      This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version.


      Can anyone help me?

      Which version of AIR runtime should I be looking for to open the install package, or should the program already be installed on my machine having completed exercise 1 to 12 and installing every application asked to install by these exercises?