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    Thin line running through raster images

    saysf1 Level 1

      Often when I am working in Illustrator cs3, I have placed psd files. When I save the entire document as an eps, and then open the eps file in photoshop cs3, there appears a thin line running through the image.


      If I embed the psd image in illustrator before I save the illustrator document as an eps, it opens fine in photoshop without any thin line running through it. But sometimes I have many psd images placed in illustrator, and I don't want to have to manually embed each one individually. If I try to select all of the images, and embed them all at the same time, some of the images change size or move.


      Anyone know what is the deal with the thin line? (see attached)


      Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Fairbairn Level 5

          This problem has cropped up many times before and the only efficient way to solve it is to embed the images.


          Try for example to save an Illy file with a linked image as a pdf. You will almost certainly get lines. Open the pdf file in Illy and you will see what is happening; the image has been split up into lots of little rectangles, each with its own clipping mask.

          Do the same thing using an Illy file with an embedded image and bingo, the lines have diappeared.


          Embed images just before you save as pdf. It's better to use pdfs for Photoshop these days anyway – the eps method is a bit outmoded and doesn't support transparency. The only possible advantage to using the eps method is that it removes unwanted portions of images that extend beyond the bounds of clipping masks. I have examined both methods pretty exhaustively and under usual circumstances the pdf method is better.

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            saysf1 Level 1

            good tip, thanks