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    Multiple instances on Linux


      Good day.


      I need to auto-start my multiple instances on CentOS when the server boots WITH each server using a dedicated jvm.conf file.

      I have created the multiple jvm.config_instance file and tested it with ./jrun -config jvm.config_instance -start instance


      This works and I'm happy.


      However, how do you set this configuration to be permanent so that :


      1. The server boots it starts all my 5 minstances

      2. I stop and start and instance via the Enterprise Instance manager (port 8300) it reads the correct jvm.config file.


      I'm running CentOS 5.3 64bit with Java 1.6 (custom installation) and Coldfusion 8.0.1.


      Thank you



      PS - please please please update the installation documentation to show you how to do this. I can't believe that this is not discussed in a lot of detail.