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    Issues with choppiness in image scrolling


      I am not super experienced in flash, but I'm wondering what the deal is.  The swf I export looks choppy as hell as it moves across the screen and I have it set to 120fps.  You can see it here: http://mattdaddy.net/client/animator_images.swf the fla is http://mattdaddy.net/client/animator_images.fla   The swf file is about 160k, so I don't think it's the size of it is the issue.  This is one piece of a bigger flash presentation someone else is pulling together - http://mattdaddy.net/client/intro_v5.html


      I don't get why it's scrolling fine in Flash, but when I export it, it looks like crap.  Any help would be MUCH appreciated because I REALLY just want to finish up this project once and for all.


      thank so much.