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    filling color in layered objects (a few circiles on top of each other)


      Hello all,



      I am new to Illustrator. I want to thank you any advices from you all first.


      Currently I am working on my first Logo design project. There are a number of circles on top of each other. The goal is to fill each circle with different colour.


      I read some other posts, they mentioned about the different objects are in different layers, so that it is difficult to fill colour individually. Any suggestions?


      I tried to make the image to Live Paint, but the option is in gray, so that I cannot change to Live Paint. And if I try to fill the colour, there are nothing happen.


      The file (in .AI format) can be download from this link.



      And one last question, after I completed the Logo, is that possible to just extract the Logo itself rather than save the whole paper? What type of format I should save with if I want to make it eventually jpg file.


      Thank you very much for your help again.