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    Can I make an ODBC connection?

    natg504 Level 1
      I would like to be able to use the wizards in Dreamweaver CS3 that help you create recordsets, etc. I'm using ColdFusion, but I'm working from somewhere that I cannot get the CF Admin password. So, when I click on any of the buttons for the wizards, I get stuck at the "Step 4. Specify the RDS Login information for the ColdFusion Server" step.

      My database is SQL Server, and I'm able to create a local connection to it (on Windows XP) by going to the Control Panel > Administrative tools > Data Sources (ODBC). Can I use this as a work around to use the wizards since I can't connect directly through the CF Admin? I know the ODBC source I created is set up correctly, but I don't know how to get to it from the DW wizards.