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    Strange problem in compiling....PLEASE HELP!


      Well hi everyone let me show you the strangest problem you've ever seen -


      I have an intro file with the name "intro.swf". the "index.html" shows the swf file.

      I have the files "eng.swf" , "ru.swf', "heb.swf" and the "-leng-.html" files.


      SO - when the intro's done in the end there is a variable cold "_root.leng" and the options are "eng" , "heb", "ru".




      In the Preview (Ctrl + Enter) the buttons for each leng' works great! In the end there is a switch staitment with the "getURL" function

      and it's send right where it needs.


      In the Debuger it works even better! I can see exactlly what's going on!


      In the .SWF file (after PUBLISHING or Shift + F12) it DOESN'T WORK! It's sending to the "intro.swf" file again! ("IT" means nor the .swf file or the .html)



      I'l stab someone in the eye PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE ****!?


      and be n!ce tell me how to slove this  ****ing problem




      If you REALLY have to see the fla please ask. it's just 25mb of the intro.fla + eng.swf and ru.swf (2,21mb * 2) and the html files ---->20,2 MB in RAR

      I'll upload to rapidshare.


      THANK YOU!